creation play is free play

Unstructured, child-directed play is a critical component of healthy social, emotional and intellectual development. Unlike toys and games, Imagination Playground blocks don’t dictate to children how they’re meant to be played with.

At Creation Play Centre, kids  literally make their own open-ended fun. There’s no right or wrong way to play with these giant blocks. That’s also why they’re only available in one colour. This facilitates more imaginative play, without any distraction or competition that might arise from having multi-coloured toys.  Imagine for a moment the view from a child’s perspective as they build their very own sail boat or castle for a queen. That look of sheer joy that comes over them. That’s imagination.

The specific colour of the blocks is designed to soothe and calm children’s minds, captivating their senses without overwhelming them with colourful options. It also means that everyone gets the same colour blocks for play, which helps to avoid argument and competition.

creation play is safe play

The blocks are made of a cross-linked polyethylene foam manufactured in the USA. The closed-cell foam is soft, lightweight, waterproof and biodegradable. It is resistant to sun, heat, milder, corrosion, and micro-organisms. The blocks are soft and friendly to touch, yet dense and firm enough to build structures and shapes to play on. These blocks meet the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) and U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CFSC) standards and are entirely safe for children play. These blocks are highly durable & environmentally friendly.